About Diana

Who is this Diana Alt person, anyway?

Diana is a regular old human who has survived a lonnnng time on Planet Earth. She likes tacos, avocado, Amazon Prime, and wonders why light-up shoes are only available in children’s sizes.

More importantly, Diana is a recovering Imposter Syndrome sufferer and corporate wonk. In 2009, after her husband Andy died, she decide to live life in a way that makes her happy, rather than just doing what she’s been told she’s “supposed” to do. Diana combines 20 years of experience leading teams with the empathy and clarity gained from having her world turned upside down at the age of 34 to help others build better lives.

A little contrary, a little sarcastic, and full of heart. (Ok, she’s a lot sarcastic, but there’s still more heart.) Diana isn’t afraid to get vulnerable on the path to empowering herself and others. She often finds herself playing the role of sounding board and coach for others, helping them get unstuck.

Somewhere along the line, Diana started speaking about the importance of self-empowerment and meaningful connections to both personal and professional life. Her speaking style is simultaneously heartfelt and funny, and it’s virtually impossible not to both laugh and learn something during one of her talks.